Kenny Crumpton Charged with OVI

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio – FOX 8’s Kenny Crumpton is facing charges after allegedly driving drunk on Friday night.

Crumpton, 46, was arrested by Lakewood police and charged with OVI, Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated. He is also facing a turn signal and stop sign violation.

According to the report provided by police, Crumpton’s SUV was seen veering across Detroit Avenue around 10:30 on Friday. Police said he failed to stop before entering the intersection and also failed to use a turn signal before heading south on Orchard Grove Lane.

“I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Crumpton’s breath. Crumpton’s speech was slightly slurred and he had glassy eyes,”  said the officer in his report.

Crumpton was eventually asked to get out of the vehicle for a sobriety test.

Officers asked Crumpton to stand on one leg and step heel to toe.

In the report, the officer wrote, “Crumpton only held his foot about an inch off the ground and put his foot down numerous times for balance. Crumpton did not touch heel to toe on any of his steps.”

Crumpton was then arrested and released from custody.  He had a hearing in Lakewood Municipal Court on Monday, but his attorney appeared on his behalf.

Crumpton's attorneys, Ann Oakar and Joe George, released a statement to Fox 8 News.

“At this time, Mr. Crumpton will be entering a plea of not guilty. We ask your patience as the judicial process runs its course. Mr. Crumpton is a ten-year resident of the city of Lakewood and has always had and will always have the utmost respect and appreciation for the city and its officers and officials.”

FOX 8 viewer Casey Simon was aware of Crumpton’s arrest.

“It doesn’t change my opinion about him, I still think he’s a good guy.  I think everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you just get in a bad situation,” said Simon.

Not everyone agrees with Simon.

On Facebook, Bobby said, “Yes, he is human, but use your head. He got caught, just hope it doesn’t happen again.”

“I don’t care who the person is, really,” said another Fox 8 viewer on Facebook. “It’s simple, you break the law, you should get punished.”

According to the police report, Crumpton repeatedly apologized and was cooperative, but he refused to give a breath sample.

“It was just something that happened, several people go through those types of situations. So I have no judgment on Kenny, whatsoever,” said Carol Washington, a longtime viewer of Fox 8 News.

"We take these matters very seriously and we are continuing to review the situation. In the interim, Kenny is taking time off from work,” said Fox 8 General Manager Greg Easterly in a statement.

According to Lakewood Municipal Court, Crumpton has a pretrial hearing set for July 30.

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