Brunswick Blue Pride Fund Receives Panera Bread Donation

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By Matt Anderson

BRUNSWICK--The Brunswick Blue Pride Foundation, which was established after four teens died as a result of a horrific car accident a little more than a year ago, received a hefty donation on Tuesday.

Panera Bread presented the group with $2,000 to honor the scholarship funds in the names of Jeffrey Chaya, Blake Bartchak, Lexi Poerner and Kevin Fox at their location on Parschen Blvd.

Dave Harley, Executive Director of Brunswick Blue Pride Foundation, accepted the check and was joined by sole survivor of the accident, Julia Romito, for the short ceremony.

The money was raised by a combination of a customer gift card program, and Open-Dough-Nation canisters.

Romito, who works at an undisclosed Panera Bread location in the area, was recognized by dignitaries at the event.  “We are honored to be able to support the Brunswick Blue Pride Foundation. When we realized one of our own was involved in the incident, we knew we had to show the same support the community was showing us,” said Sam Covelli, Owner/Operator of Covelli Enterprises, the largest franchisee of Panera Bread.

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