12 Officers Involved in Deadly Chase Back to Work

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CLEVELAND– The majority of police officers involved in the November 29 deadly shooting are back to work.

Union President Jeff Follmer said 12 of the 13 officers returned to work. Three were back to work in May and nine in June. One officer still remains out.

Normally officers remain on restricted duty 45 days after a shooting; Follmer said he does not know why the officers were out longer or why one officer is still off work.

“There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it,” Follmer said.

The 13 officers were involved in the deadly shooting in East Cleveland.

Suspects Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams died, following a high speed chase that started at the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland.

The chase started after an officer thought someone in the suspect’s car fired a shot at him.  No weapon was found in the car.

Follmer said the officers are doing better but it hasn’t been easy.

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