Soldiers Back Home in Time for Father’s Day

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By FOX 8's Roc Woodrum

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio-- For nearly a year, twelve members of the Army National Guard 174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade have been in Afghanistan training Afghan security forces.

“Those security forces comprised of the Afghan National Police, the Afghan local police, the Afghan Civil Police, and the Afghan National Army," said Brigadeer General John Harris of the Army National Guard.

On Friday morning, a welcome home ceremony was held at the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy in Cuyahoga Falls to honor them for their sacrifice.

They're home just in time for Father's Day.

“I missed him a lot. It was a tough year, but it really made me realize what families do all the time, what they have to go through for our freedom," said Michelle Stanton, a wife of one of the returning soldiers.

“It was the worst feeling, but 343 days later they are home so we're glad to have them back. It was really hard, but the internet kept us in contact," said Kristen White, a girlfriend of one of the soldiers.

Now that the men are back, many of the families already have plans for their time.

“We'll probably go to my favorite place, get my favorite food. It's also my wife and daughter birthday next week so we will celebrate it all in one day," said Sergeant Palmer.

“Well he has been back for 10 or 15 minutes, and the kids have already asked for a basketball hoop," said another soldier's wife.

“These men are great Americans, but they are men of humility. They want to go back to their communities, back to their jobs, back to their families, their routine lives. They don't see themselves as heroes, but their community certainly does," added General Harris.