Missing Teen’s Mom Reacts to New Castro Evidence

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CLEVELAND--  Is it possible Ariel Castro victimized other young women, in addition to the three victims rescued from his Seymour Avenue home in May?

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation said new evidence gathered at the Castro home is now being analyzed through forensic testing to determine if the suspected serial kidnapper and rapist may have victimized other young women.

Jennifer Summers, whose 14-year-old daughter Ashley vanished in 2007 from the same general neighborhood as the three victims, said, "I guess that's everyone's question right now is, only three girls in all these years; is that possible?"

Even though investigators have told the Summers family they have found no evidence of a connection, Ashley Summers did attend Wilbur Wright Middle School, the same school that Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus went to, and the same school that Ariel Castro drove a bus route to and from every day.

Jennifer Summers told Fox 8, "It's a coincidence, right? Same general area, she used to walk to that McDonald's over there almost every day; it's a big coincidence."

The new evidence is being analyzed through the use of testing that includes the use of DNA and fingerprints.

Ashley Summers' mother said she had earlier provided a DNA sample to authorities, in case there was ever a need for comparison.

According to Summers, "It's a good thing that they're doing that because there probably is more victims that we don't know about and maybe the girls in the house never even seen."

Summers is now hoping to find out what happened to her daughter and end six years of uncertainty, telling Fox 8, "It's back and forth; you try to think positive, but then you need to look at the negative as well. Time goes by; more negative starts to take place."

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