Goose Lives with Arrow in Back

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(Photo Credit: WNEM via CNN)

By Tom Plahutnik & Cheri Hardmon, WNEM

BAY CITY, Michigan(WNEM) — Visitors to a Michigan park may catch glimpse of a goose that’s got a particular injury – an injury that doesn’t seem to be bothering it too much.

It’s a goose with an arrow in its back.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources knows about the bird and says he’s had the arrow protruding from its back for quite some time.

“I was pretty amazed, he could still fly and everything else,” said Randy Richards, who went on to describe how he was in shock the first time he saw the goose with an arrow sticking out of its body.

“He was down there by the Boys and Girls Club, flying around, [and] the arrow’s stuck right in his back,” said Richards.

No one knows how the goose ended up with an arrow in it, but apparently it’s had it for a while now.

People who frequent the Bay City park say the goose has been out here for months and despite the arrow in his body, seems to be thriving.

“It’s feeding and it’s traveling with the flock, and it seems to be doing quite well, so possibly trying to remove that arrow at this point may be more harmful than good,” said resident Thomas Simons.

“It acts like a normal goose, except it has this arrow sticking out it,” said DNR Lt. Randy Utt, who said his office receives calls about the goose on a daily basis.

“Our first call we got at this office was right after the spring thaw when the goose might have been back this area,” explained Utt.

The DNR officer said unfortunately there’s not much they can do for it at the moment because the goose doesn’t seem to want help.

“We’ve had [the] wild life division out trying to catch it,” said Utt. “Unfortunately it flies as soon as you get close to it, flies off like a normal goose.”

So for now, if you happen to be hanging out near Bigelow Park in Bay City, you are likely to see a goose walking around with something extra sticking out of its body.