CPD Supervisors Appeal Punishments in Chase

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Supervisors disciplined for their actions in the November 29 police chase are now grieving their punishments.

Chief Michael McGrath earlier this week announced that after putting together a committee with the responsibility of reviewing the pursuit, one supervisor had been terminated; two had been demoted; and nine face suspensions ranging from one to 30 days.

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Union officials said Friday the supervisors emailed the grievances to the labor relation officer at city hall.

The labor relation officer now has 20 days to respond.

On Nov. 29, suspects Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams died when 13 officers fired 137 shots at their vehicle.  No weapon was found in the car or along the chase route.

The supervisors’ charges ranged from “not acknowledging the pursuit as a sector supervisor” to failing to take “appropriate action with personnel under your command also outside the city.”

Additionally, 104 officers could face punishment in connection to the chase. Hearings for those patrol officers were expected to begin in mid-July.

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