Black Bear Wanders Through Wadsworth

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WADSWORTH, Ohio -- A male black bear that drew attention to itself in a residential neighborhood of southern Medina County on Thursday appears to be heading south.

The bear was seen about 7 a.m. Thursday in the Blue Heron development of Montville Township.

Deryl Albrecht and his wife, Sally, got a call from a neighbor telling them they needed to look outside at their bird feeders.

"It was something to see," said Deryl. "We were looking from the bathroom window over there, and he was just sitting right here (among their bird feeders) selecting what food he wanted to eat."

bearHe said the bear got what it wanted from their feeders and then moved on.

"I was so dumbfounded, I forgot I had a camera let alone to turn it on once I did get it," said Albrecht.

The Albrechts said they sent an email to their neighbors warning them to pay close attention to their pets.

Then about 7:30 a.m. Friday, outside a plastics business near the Wadsworth Airport, employees reported seeing a bear that appeared to be trying to get fish from a pond behind the business before moving on.

Employees snapped photos of the bear, probably the same one seen the day before by the Albrechts', wandering off.

Wadsworth police said they got several calls from residents who saw the animal.

They were simply cautioning everyone to keep a safe distance and not to disturb the creature.

About two hours later, not far away, Everett Lopez looked out of his window to see the animal walking across his front yard in nearby Wadsworth Township.

"He was just meandering real slow, just kind of didn't care that I was even here," said Lopez.

Lopez snapped several photos as the animal made its way into the yard of Jan Weber next door.

Weber said the bear never stopped to investigate an empty bird feeder in her yard as it hurried eastward across other neighbors yards before crossing Eatern Road and heading south into a wooded area.

She was happy not to have had her small dog outside at the time, saying the dog would most likely have tried to approach and chase the bear.

"I was just shocking to see it," said Deryl Albrecht. "I never thought that there were any bears in this vicinity. I have heard of them up in Geauga and that kind of stuff but...there he was."

"It's just their natural migration," said Lopez. "This is what happens, they have been here before, and they are just coming back through."

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