Storm’s ‘Big and Loud’ Effects Impact Family

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CANTON, Ohio-- "I was sleeping and it was around 3 o'clock this morning.  And I heard some rumbling outside," said Abby Cunningham, who lives on Penn Place NE in Canton.

Powerful storms swept through Northeast Ohio late Wednesday night.

The maple tree in Cunningham's front yard was no match.

"First thing I thought about was my kids. I went and got my daughter and by the time we got to the first floor, we saw it coming. It was just so big and so loud," said Cunningham.

"We've gotten a bunch of calls overnight. But we go to the most serious ones first, like this," said Joe Hudak with Quality Tree Care.

Hudak says the tree is almost 80' tall.

"It's just so top heavy and so thick and nobody took care of it. It's located in between the parking lot and the house so the roots just died and the wind just blew it over," added Hudak.

The worst damage is to Cunningham's porch, along with the second floor windows and her car.

"My kids were home. My boyfriend was sleeping on the first floor couch, right by that front porch window. Who knows that could have happened to him?! It could have been so much worse," added Cunningham.

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