Man Accused of Trashing Litter of Kittens

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HURON, OHIO – A handful of cats and kittens could be seen Thursday evening in the yard of a home and business, where police said a man tried to throw out a litter of newborn kittens, some still alive.

"It was not, not a good thing," said Barb Knapp, Erie County Dog Warden.

Frank Mount, 64, of Norwalk, is charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for the May 20 incident.

According to a police report, it happened in front of Mount’s mother's home, which is adjacent to his insurance business on Mudbrook Road in Huron.

The police report said a trash collector saw the kittens lying on top of dead shrubbery on the ground next to a trash can.

When the trash collector "...did not pick up the kittens and shrubbery and throw them away, the male confronted him about it."

"The male then picked up the shrubbery and the kittens and stuffed them into a can labeled yard waste," the police report states.

The trash collector called police.

"You could hear little cries in the container, so when I took it out, when I was trying to get the debris off the top of them, they were pretty much stuck to the debris," Knapp said.

Knapp was at the scene to assist Huron police.

She said there were between five to seven kittens. About half of them were still alive.

The kittens had to be euthanized.

"They were too far gone at that point. They were very, very young, just days old," Knapp said.

Mount's 88-year-old mother, who wanted to be identified only as Mrs. Mount, said this is a misunderstanding.

"But my son is not guilty," Mrs. Mount said, adding the cat had the kittens inside the waste container, which was lying on its side.

"If it's the cat that I think it is, it used to go up and lay in there when we had trash in it, on top of it," Mrs. Mount said.

Mrs. Mount believes her son cleared out some ivy and put it in the yard waste can.

"My son is innocent. He wouldn't kill an ant," a teary-eyed Mrs. Mount said.

The Huron city law director said Frank Mount pleaded not guilty and has another hearing in July.