I-Team: Officer In Trouble Over Actions with Inmate

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CLEVELAND – A Cleveland police officer may be in trouble after allegations surfaced concerning his behavior in a female inmate’s hospital room.

Through a public record’s request, Fox 8’s I-Team obtained a copy of the officer’s pre-disciplinary hearing letter, which is dated May 29.

The letter states that on January 11, the officer, assigned to the Fourth District, entered the woman’s hospital room and, even though the inmate was scantily clad, did not request another officer to be present.

The officer is also alleged to have taken four photos purported to be evidentiary in nature on his personal cell phone, without conferring with a supervisor.

The female inmate has alleged that the officer engaged in communication that was inappropriate and sexual in nature.

On January 11, the officer is also alleged to have sent or transmitted text messages that were sexual in nature while working in an official capacity.

The officer’s pre-disciplinary conference is scheduled for next Thursday in the police chief’s office.