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High School Diplomas Misspelled

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio - It was a packed house at Blossom Music Center Tuesday to celebrate Cuyahoga Falls High School's Class of 2013.

But these cheers were quickly silenced once 400 graduating seniors received their diplomas and saw the embarrassing mistake.

“I was sitting down in my seat and the person next to me told me about it," said graduating senior Brandon Frase.

Cuyahoga Falls High School is prominently embossed in gold lettering on black, leather covers. But beneath the school's name, the city is spelled incorrectly.

The "U" that should be the second letter in "Cuyahoga" was replaced with an "A."

The same mistake was made on the printed seal of each diploma.

Jostens, a company that specializes in graduation items, handled the order and has worked with the district for the past 16 years.

Principal Ann Alfano said there were several sets of eyes on the case and the diploma before printing, but no one caught the mistake.

So who is exactly at fault? Neither side is fessing up.

Jostens is currently fixing the mistake and released a statement to Fox 8 News.

“Jostens is providing all new diploma covers to all students who received the original diplomas. Students are currently being notified that they will receive these new covers, and they will be shipped directly to these students by June 18, 2013."

Kathryn Clark is a parent and has friends who have children who graduated from Cuyahoga Falls High School. She said they are in shock.

"What are the checks and balances in place for something like that," said Clark. "And if it's something so simple as a misspelling on a diploma, where else are there mistakes?”