Dentist Indicted on Serious Charges

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- If you search for Dr. Corey Schmidt online, you'll find rave reviews, 4 out of 5 stars.

Tonight, he's not smiling, and he's not in business.

Schmidt is accused of very serious charges.

Fox 8's Gabe Spiegel spoke to him Thursday evening. Dr. Corey Schmidt said this is all a misunderstanding.

"I understand this has something to do with me writing prescriptions, but as far as the allegations go, I had no clue this stuff was coming down," said Schmidt.

Dr. Corey Schmidt, 43, practices general and cosmetic dentistry. He worked at Refresh Dental on Center Ridge Road in Westlake until June 2012.

According to investigators, he was fired for poor performance, attendance and substance abuse.

He was told not to come back, but did. That's when Westlake police picked him up for trespassing.

Schmidt is accused of illegally writing prescriptions for narcotics without the proper license, according to the indictment. He faces charges of trafficking, fraud and theft.

Four other people are named in the indictment. They have been charged with possession. The indictment says the prescription drugs were written by Dr. Schmidt, although they were not his patients.

Dr. Corey Schmidt will be arraigned on June 19th.

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