Must See: Kitten Rescued from Car Wheel

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DOVER, Ohio -- A kitten trapped near a car engine was lucky enough to be rescued at a body shop where the county humane society president works!

The operation to save the kitten was one of the more elaborate you may have seen and the happy ending was caught on cell phone video.

It started on Tuesday, when Paul's Body Shop in Dover was presented with the challenge of finding the source of a strange noise.

A woman took her Honda Pilot into the shop while on her lunch break and explained she heard a kitten crying when she drove.

Jim Harding and Todd Young got to work and checked the common place cats sometimes hide.

No kitten was found.

They took off the bumper and fender liners, and they still couldn't find anything.

After a test drive and two hours of work, the kitten was finally extracted from the wheel well.

Joel Giannobile, who owns the shop, caught it on his cell phone.

Pilot, as the kitten was named, was in good hands.

Rhonda Rosenberry is the office manager at Paul's Body Shop and is also the president of the Tuscarawas County Humane Society.

She took Pilot to the shelter after work, and he will be neutered and vaccinated before being put up for adoption.

Rosenberry said the humane society cat shelter is always at capacity and there are many other cats that need good homes.

The shelter also appreciates volunteers and donations at any time.