Bear Stops for a Snack in Woman’s Yard

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AUSTINBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A hungry black bear startled a woman in Ashtabula County Tuesday night when she looked out her window.

There, in the backyard of her Chapel Road home, stood a 5 1/2 foot bear, munching from her bird feeders.

Nancy Hodge says the bear encounter didn’t last long, but the excitement of watching the animal slurp grape jelly out of her feeder was enough to make her snap a few pictures before it scampered back into the woods.

PICTURES: Black Bears in Northeast Ohio

Wildlife officials say what Hodge witnessed on her property is typical behavior of black bears.

There have been multiple sightings of black bears lately throughout northern Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates there are between 50-100 of them in the state. They are protected by state law.

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