Facebook Reunites Mom, Daughters After 21 Years

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(CNN) -- Facebook proved more than just a social networking site recently -- when it helped reunite a mother and her daughters separated for more than two decades.

Lilly Martin married nearly 25 years ago in Miami and had two daughters with her husband. But one day, she came home and the house was empty.

Several months later, Lilly found that the girls were taken to Syria, then Saudi Arabia and finally to Egypt to live with their paternal grandfather.

Lilly said she didn't have the means to travel there, and contacted the Department of State with no luck. So Lilly started a Facebook page, and weeks later, her daughters contacted her.

They were reunited in the U.S. One of the girls will go back to Egypt but plans to visit her mother frequently. Her sister plans to stay in the U.S. for good.

The girls' father told CNN he moved his daughters to give them a better life.

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