I-Team: Curious Crowds Upset With Movie Set Security

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Security for the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" movie has become controversial with some people downtown who just want to snap photos outside of established barriers.

"They're closing down our streets, coming to our city, and we're not allowed to take pictures?" said downtown worker Steve Waltos."I guess I don't understand."

Mayor Frank Jackson's office said the city's legal department knows of no legal reason why Clevelanders can't snap photos as long as they are outside the movie set's barriers.

"Law enforcement is not going to come up to you and tell you to turn your camera off," said Lt. Mike Butler, the officer on charge of the set's security.

Butler said security for Marvel Studios may ask people not to take photos, but that the police will not stop people from taking pictures of a public street as long as they are behind safety barricades.

A spokesman for Marvel Studios indicated they hire security for safety reasons. Marvel has not offered a more detailed response about the studio's policy towards people taking photos of the set.

"You're going to put movie set props out there," said Sean Feighan, a Cleveland Heights native. "You're going to get people who want to take pictures."

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