Family Speaks About Man Killed on I-90

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland police have released the identity of a Good Samaritan killed on Interstate 90 Thursday morning.

He is Earl Loury, 50, of Cleveland Heights.

Speaking from their home on Dickens Avenue, Loury’s family said he died the same way he lived his life: helping people in need.

Loury and a co-worker were driving home from work when they noticed a stalled car in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 near the 55th street exit.

Inside that Chevy Malibu were a young woman and her three-year-old son. Both had safely gotten to the side of the road when Loury and his friend, a fellow contractor, attempted to push the vehicle to the shoulder of the highway.

Cleveland police said that's when a third vehicle slammed into Loury's Saturn, and the woman's car. Loury was caught in between the wreckage.

Loury was transported to Cleveland Clinic where he was pronounced dead.

"He just cared; he just cared a lot," said his mother, Joannor Loury. "And coincidentally, when the accident happened, I was at Cleveland Clinic seeing my heart doctor and they had to trace me down to tell me. They didn't tell me; my kids were there, and they told me what happened, and it's not real.”

Loury leaves behind a fiancé, three children and eight grandchildren. His brother said the family is devastated.

“He would help the world if he could, and just the thought of him losing his life helping somebody, it throws me. But, that was him," said Jesse Loury.

The family is also sending out a message to the young woman Loury helped save.

"If he didn't help you, and told me he rode past you, and saw you there and didn't help, then he wouldn't be able to live with himself if something happened to you,” said Jesse.

The family said Loury did not have health insurance, so they are asking for the public’s help in assisting them on giving him a proper burial.

A trust fund has been set up in his name at Fifth Third bank. Anyone can stop in any bank branch to make a donation.

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