Parking Changes at Hopkins Airport

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CLEVELAND --Parking is a big deal at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and it's one of their biggest money makers.

Currently, there are more than 7,100 spaces, but they only use 5,500 on the busiest days.

The old long-term parking garage at the airport has been around 40 years and it's coming down by the end of June.

That means 2,600 fewer spaces available.

So where should you go now?

By the fall, a new parking lot with 1,000 spaces will take its place.

Ricky Smith, a director of port control, said your best option will be to head to the
short-term parking garage that is now a short-term/long-term lot. If you stay there longer than 72 hours, then you will pay the long-term fees, which have not been set yet.

The garage also now has the state-of-the-art parking space technology installed with updated signage. You will see electronic signs that tell you how many spaces are available and where they are.  All you have to do is follow the little green lights to available spots.

Similar systems have seen success in Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

Construction is underway on a side premium lot which will give you closer access to the ticketing lines.

They've replaced employee parking with public and moved a few other minor areas around to accommodate for the extra spaces needed.

All of the changes should be finished by the time you fly to see grandma at Thanksgiving.