May 29, 2013

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Hollywood and Dine

David sat down with Mark Ruffalo from the new film, “Now You See Me.” That means, great behind-the-scenes information and new recipes! David cooked up perfectly portioned Eggplant Parmesans – perfect for parties! Watch our video clip for instructions.

Click here for the recipe!


The Designer Challenge

We brought you hot summer styles designed right here in Northeast Ohio! Lauren Ward, Owner of NOTO, brought new styles and information on the hottest fashion show of the summer!

The Designer Challenge takes place at the Trolley Barn behind Austen BioInnovation Institute (47 N. Main St.) at 7 p.m. and features five local fashion designers. This will be followed by the fifth annual Summer Fashion Show that brings the best in fashion, music and models. The public can cast votes for their favorite designer via text or by tablet kiosks at the event. The winning designer is announced at 8 p.m. and will have her line featured and available for purchase this summer at NOTO.


Younger Victims of Strokes

We often associate strokes with older age, but did you know that one in five strokes occur in adults between the age of 20 and 55? Dr. Erin Dyer from the Cleveland Clinic joined us to shed some light on this subject.

  • A stroke or “brain attack” occurs when a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked or bursts.  A stroke results in a lack of blood supply, causing surrounding nerve cells to be cut off from their supply of nutrients and oxygen. When tissue is cut off from its supply of oxygen for more than three to four minutes, it begins to die.
  • Warning signs of strokes include: sudden weakness or numbness in the face, arm or leg- particularly on one side of the body, sudden difficulty understanding or speaking, sudden difficulty in seeing, sudden loss of balance or coordination. It’s important to call 911 if you or someone around you is showing signs of having a stroke.
  • Sometimes, people experience warning signs before a stroke occurs. These are called transient ischemic attacks (also called TIA or “mini-stroke”) and are short, brief episodes of the stroke symptoms listed above.
  • Strokes are the biggest cause of disability in the US
  • Up to 50% of strokes are preventable. Preventable risk factors for stroke include: high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Even though most people associate strokes with older people, the stroke risk is rising in those in their 50s, 40s and even younger. In fact, in the past 10 years– the rate of strokes in Americans younger than 55 went up 84% among whites and 54% among blacks.


Crocker Park Farmer’s Market

This past weekend, children from the Hunger Network volunteered their time to plant hundreds of produce plants at Crocker Park’s Farmer’s Market – and it’s all for a good cause. We ended over there to check it out!


Couponing with Rachel

There are five things you should NEVER pay full price for! We welcomed back the Coupon Queen, Rachel Krych, to set up straight.

  • Magazines:  Resist the urge to regularly pick up the latest gossip magazine in the checkout line, the cover prices are astronomical.  Instead, look into a subscription.  You can save as much as 90 percent off of the cover price if you shop around.  When renewing your subscription you can continue to save by turning down the first offers that come in the mail.  Often times the deals will be better the second time around.
  • Personal care items:  As couponers, we can easily get these items for pennies on the dollar and sometimes even for free.  If you aren’t an avid couponer it’s simple to snag these savings at your local drug stores by keeping an eye on your local ad.  When you pick up these products at their lowest price be sure to grab two to three and you’ll save yourself time and money from having to buy them last minute at full price.
  • Clothing:  When walking through your local mall you are bombarded by sale and clearance signs enticing you pop into their store.  Unfortunately, once in, you’ll usually see the newest and highest priced clothing first.  Advert your eyes, quickly by-pass these items and head to the back of the store.  You’ll then be able to find the best deals by digging into the clearance rack.  While these clothes may be a season behind, by grabbing a few outfits you’ll be ready for the following year.
  • Restaurants:   To bring the costs down we frequent places that offer deals throughout the week such as half off appetizers or free kids meals.  I also sign up for email alerts from our favorite restaurants.  This makes the decision of where to eat, much easier to make when a high value coupon comes through.  Keep your Entertainment Book or other special coupons in the car with you so you’ll be able to slash your bill even when eating out on a spur of the moment.
  • Cereal:  Even without a coupon (not that I’d want to try it) there are usually good cereal deals every week at your local grocery store.  Grab your family’s favorites and stock up when the prices are low.  Don’t pay full price if your favorite brand isn’t on sale simply wait until the following week and most likely you’ll snag a deal.


Natural Bug Remedies

The more time we spend outdoors, the greater the chance that bugs will…well, bug us. Here with natural remedies to keep them at bay was Medeana Hobar from Nature’s Bin. Take a look at our video clip to stop itching in it’s tracks!

Try this simple fixes:

  • Sting stop homeopathic gel is a fabulous remedy to have in your medicine bag for summer!
  • Vinegar can also be a helpful home remedy for bug bites, as it has an acidic quality, which can help cool and combat the itch factor, and disinfecting properties, which can help stave off any further itch and irritation due to infection.
  • Banana peels help to take away itch! Use this or a plantain peel to take away the sting and itch. Peel it, then place the inside of the peel directly on the bite; after about 90 minutes, wash the area and apply hand sanitizer to it to ease the itch.
  • Lavender and Tea Tree oils can be applied to the area with a swab. The Lavender oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and Tea Tree oil disinfect.
  • Make a paste with baking soda and water, then apply it to the bite; you can add it to a warm bath if more than one insect was feasting on you. One note: skip this if the wound is open.
  • Toothpaste-A little toothpaste on the sting helps take away the pain. The fluoride acts as an antihistamine and helps in minutes.
  • Make a paste with mud then put it on the sting and let it dry. Rinse the area and the itch should be gone afterward.


Also – mark your calendars for the Inaugural Cleveland Veg Fest! Questions and answers for conscious and healthy living. The event is happening Saturday, June 1st, at the CSU Student Center from 9:30a to 7:30p. Admission is free!