Jim Brown ‘Very Happy’ to Return to Browns

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CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Browns announced Wednesday that legendary Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown will return to the organization.

"I'm here to help the Cleveland Browns win games," Brown said. "I am very happy to be invited back."

Brown, 77, has been named as a Special Advisor to the team. Brown will serve in a number of off-field capacities with the team, in the community and with the fans.

"You will see me as much as they can stand," he said. "I will be here quite a bit."

Previously, Brown was an Executive Advisor with the organization until 2010.

"One thing I'll tell you is this, I am very happy with my life at this time," said Brown.  "I'm happy I lived a certain way, I am happy I retired the way I did, I'm happy I left the way I did with Holmgren. I'm truly happy that it happened that way."

Brown believes the overall key to success here in Cleveland starts at the very top with owner Jimmy Haslam.

"You can't have success if your owner is never around," said Brown.

That was the biggest knock against former Browns owner Randy Lerner; that he was never around and that he let Mike Holmgren run the team.

Browns current owner, Jimmy Haslam, is excited to have one of the greatest players of all-time on his team.

"He will be a tremendous asset to our organization and we are thrilled that he will be representing the Browns in many different capacities,” Haslam said.

"I like the new ownership. I respect it and I will stand-by the new ownership," said Brown.