Homeowners Claim Roof Repair Ripoffs

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A warning for homeowners who may be in need of roof repairs.  Several people say they have paid a contractor thousands of dollars, and he has disappeared without doing the job.

"He had said he's gonna replace the whole roof for 19-hundred," said Elyria resident Lorraine Emery.

She said last summer and again earlier this spring, hail damaged the roof of her home on Denison Avenue.  Emery said a man named Mark Walker knocked on her door, offering to fix the damage.

"He was a very pleasant man, very trustworthy," she said.

Emery said she gave Walker, who owns a company called All American Restoration out of Avon Lake, an insurance check for more than $1900.  She says she never heard from him again until she recently sent him an email.

"I have called you three times and you never answered and I want to know what happened to the check, what did you do, scam us? I know I should not have given you the check 'til the roof was done. I want the roof done or the check back," said Emery.

She said Walker promised to keep in touch, but has not.

"Based on what we're seeing, we determine this to be a pattern. It's a serious issue when a company takes money for a job and never comes back and doesn't return the money," said Sue McConnell, senior vice president of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Cleveland.

McConnell said she has heard similar stories from nearly a dozen homeowners in the Avon Lake and Elyria areas, beginning in 2011.

"We don't believe for one minute that we have every complaint that's probably out there," she said.

She said Mark Walker did respond to a recent email.

"He emailed us and said that he was in a cash flow crisis; that he claims to have some jobs that he's done or money that's owed to him of 40-thousand dollars is the amount he quoted for us," McConnell said.

She said the email went on to say, "I will get these roofs on no matter what it takes! Even if it means looking into other markets to generate revenue."

McConnell says so far customers, like Lorraine, are stuck with damaged roofs.

"We don't have any money; we're on very fixed income," said Emery.

FOX 8 tried to reach Mark Walker, but the phone numbers we had for him are not in service. We also stopped by his office address, but did not find anyone there.  He has also not yet responded to our email.