Behind the Scenes at the Zoo: Dinosaurs!

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By FOX 8 News Producer Kristen Jones

CLEVELAND-- It's like taking a walk through "Jurassic Park" right here in Northeast Ohio.

All this week, FOX 8 is taking you behind the scenes of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

DINOSAURS! returned to the zoo this season, taking visitors back to prehistoric times.

The exhibit is made up of 21 dinosaurs that come to life through the magic of animatronic technology.

There are the familiar Raptors and Tyrannosaurus Rex, along with several new dinosaurs.

All of the dinosaurs move or make sounds - and some even spit!

They range in size from 100 lbs to the 700 lb T-rex.

They are run on an elaborate computer system visitors to the zoo will never see.

"They all work by compressed air,” says Christopher Lowe, the zoo’s Superintendent of Facility Operations.

“We have one main compressor that sits within the middle of the exhibit that's all hidden and disguised. And then it feeds each of the dinosaurs and a little computer in the dinosaurs times the movement with the sound."

In addition to the dinosaurs, there is also an active volcano and bubbling tar pit in the exhibit.

The zoo brought in over 300 tropical plants from Florida to enhance the Jurassic feel.
The DINOSAURS! will become extinct in the middle of September.

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