Woman Racing Across U.S. to Help Veterans

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AKRON, Ohio -- Cassie Schumacher jokes about what she is about to attempt.

"I believe cycling...is the best anti-depressant that's out there," she said, before adding, "I guess I have a lot of problems because I'm going to bike across the country."

Schumacher is one of only five women who next month will attempt to complete the "RAMM" solo.

"RAMM" is the Race Across America, which is significantly longer than the Tour de France.

But Schumacher isn't racing just for fun.

As co-founder of a non-profit, Pedal for Heroes, she is hoping to raise both money and awareness about a problem that affects a lot of military families.

And for Schumacher, it's also personal.

"When my father walked away from his life, it was really hard for my family," she says.

Pedal for Heroes is dedicated to help veterans returning from war adjust back to a normal life.

Schumacher calls it "insane" how underserved she said veterans are.

She used the same word to describe trying to conquer the RAMM solo, which will require her to bike across 3,000 miles, often covering more than 250 miles in a day, and getting less than five hours sleep a night.

But, on Memorial Day weekend, she said she is happy to be preparing for the toughest endurance bike race in the world, knowing she's racing not just for herself, but for veterans who need help.