Police: Road Rage Leads to Interstate Shooting

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STREETSBORO, Ohio  -- Road rage is blamed for a shooting on Interstate 480 early Friday morning.

Three shots were fired at a taxi van taking passengers to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Streetsboro police conducted the initial investigation after it was believed the shooting happened within their jurisdiction.

"Traffic was speeding and slowing up out on I-480 with a lot of cars. The driver of the suspect vehicle was apparently impatient, tried to get through traffic, and at some point from witnesses and people in the van, he pulled out a firearm and shot out of the window of his car," said Streetsboro Lt. Darin Powers.

One of those bullets hit the van in the rear passenger side tire. Another is believed to have glanced off the lower part of a side door. A third shot actually penetrated the side of the van, but no one inside was hit according to police.

"Any one of those rounds up higher and goes through the glass could have hit anyone in the van, and the other possibility in this is by hitting the tire. If the tire would have blown rapidly, it could cause the driver to lose control of the van, injure those in the van or either other cars around the van. So given the circumstances today, we are very lucky we ended up with what we had," said Powers.

A description of the truck from which the shots were fired was given to police. It was later stopped in Bedford.

The van arrived at that location later and stopped to give police a statement about what happened.

"We see it in other situations where people with their tempers, whether it be in a car at home with their families or whatever. Sometimes people let their emotions run away with them, and this person let his emotions run away with him and he happened to have a handgun with him at the time, and we do see it at other places, its rare that we see it on the roadways," said Powers.

During the investigation it was learned that the shooting actually happened near mile marker 38, which is between Twinsburg and Hudson in Summit County.

Late Friday, the case was being transferred to the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities said they spoke with the driver believed to have fired the shots, but they did not release his name because he had not yet been charged in Summit County.

"This most likely will result in some serious charges. If this were to happen in Streetsboro, and we were to charge something like this, you are talking felonious assault at minimum. We have had incidents where shots were fired at someone but nobody was hurt. Those can be charges -- felonious assault or as much as attempted murder -- so this is an extremely serious case, and we take it very seriously," said Powers.