New Interviews Released in Deadly Police Chase

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CLEVELAND – The suspects in the November 29 police chase and police involved shooting were stopped moments prior to the pursuit starting, but according to an interview released Friday by the state Attorney General’s office, the officer who pulled the car over said he decided to let the suspects go after he felt the passenger was acting strangely.

“Man she was acting crazy, screaming, screaming, screaming, so I saw something in her hand, it looked like it was silver and red, I was like man I am not going to go up to this car,” Officer John Jordan told investigators. “I don’t have no vest on so I am gonna just back off.”

The officer said he had planned to go back to the area where he originally spotted the car and try to get the names of the suspects from others.

Meanwhile, the vehicle drove past the Justice Center and an officer on the sidewalk thought someone in the suspects’ car fired a shot at him.

Officer Vasile Nan told investigators the shot was loud and he did not believe it was the car backfiring.

The two suspects, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, died after 13 officers fired 137 shots. No weapon was found in the car.

Twelve supervisors are facing administrative charges for allegedly violating city policy. A few of the interviews of the supervisors were released Friday and they told investigators their side of the event.

“I think one of the sergeants just told me the gun was pointed out the back window toward a police vehicle, if I remember correctly,” said Captain Ulrich Zouhar. “I know the suspect was a danger to the community and had to be apprehended.”

The police department is still reviewing the actions of the patrol officers who took part in the chase to determine if any of them violated policy.

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