Man Takes Joyride in ‘Captain America’ Prop Car

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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio - 'Captain America,' the marvel comic crime fighter becomes a crime victim, sort of.

Middleburg Heights Police Chief John Maddox said a man snuck onto the movie set of 'Captain America, The Winter Soldier' filming in downtown Cleveland and stole one of the cars being used as a movie prop.

"This is all about props in a movie. The license plate is a prop. The car is a prop," Maddox said.

Officers arrested the suspected car thief on Interstate 71 about 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

"Don't be discouraged Hollywood, we are here to help," Gary Starr, Middleburg Heights Mayor said.

An officer saw the car speeding and swerving on the highway.

"He tried to stop it and it didn't stop right away," Maddox said.

Finally the driver pulls over.

As an officer approaches, the suspect holds the movie prop license plate out the window.

"He said it's from the movie set of 'Captain America' and he had permission to drive the vehicle. Well, that turned out not to be the case," Maddox said.

Police said the suspect did not have a driver's license, but instead, gave officers a welfare registration card with his real name on it from Washington D.C., which is coincidentally the setting of the new 'Captain America' film.

The Middleburg Heights mayor and police chief are just glad their officers made it a happy ending.

"All police officers are real super heroes," Maddox said.

"The show must go on, and it is," Starr said.

The driver is charged with receiving stolen property and could face additional charges, a prosecutor’s office spokeswoman said.

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