Fox Bites Kindergartners During Recess

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By Jennifer Mayerle, WGCL

NEWTOWN COUNTY, Georgia — The hunt is on for a fox who bit two kindergartners in Newton County. The 6-year-olds were near the playground at Rocky Plains Elementary school in Covington when the fox bit them, according to WGCL.

They have started rabies shots as a precaution.

“The teacher was right there exactly when it happened. The fox ran out of the woods and she said it was kind of weaving around and she was trying to get all the kids back in,” teacher Brian Stephens said.

Stephens talked to the educators who were with the boys who were bit.

“The paraprofessional teacher assistant picked up that child and fought the fox off at the same time, and then when she got the fox off of that child, it circled back around and bit another child and she had to scare it away from it, and at that point, the fox left and went back into the woods. She kicked it with her sandals. She’s the hero today,” Stephens said.

Both boys suffered puncture wounds to their legs. While administrators said they are OK, the concern turns to if the fox has rabies and how that could affect the boys.

“You’re obviously afraid of rabies. That’s why we hope we catch the fox. We want our little boys and girls to be safe at school and this obviously scared them today,” Newton County school spokeswoman Sherri Viniard said.

All outdoor activities have been canceled until the end of the school year.

Newton County Animal Control set two traps to capture the fox. They want to test it for rabies. If caught, it will be sent to the Georgia Department of Public Health for rabies testing.

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