Charles Ramsey Bust Unveiled

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FLYOD COUNTY, Ky. -- The saga of Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey continues to grow.

The man who helped Amanda Berry get free has a statue in his likeness.

His heroic action on May 6 along with unforgettable interviews made Ramsey an international star.

Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn likes statues and respects heroes.  He had a bust of Ramsey created after they developed a sudden friendship.

"I said what do you want, Eric?  He said, 'I just want to see if you're just as crazy as you are on TV.'  So I went to his house and showed him how crazy I am," Ramsey said.

At the bust unveiling Friday, Ramsey was asked his motivation for helping that day.

His answer was typically Ramsey.

"If I hadn't done that, I can imagine my father beating the black off me.  And my mother too," was the response.

As for how his life has changed, Ramsey said, "I can't go to Lamborghini and get a custom-built without $2.3 million.  Nothing has changed."

Ramsey uttered an expletive when the bust was unveiled.

He told Kentucky reporters he understands political correctness isn't his thing, but that he has no plans to stop being himself.

"You only get these (statues) when you meet your demise.  So how's it feel being the hero?" Ramsey asked the bust.  "Yeah, about the same bro," he said, as if responding to its answer.