Car Stolen from ‘Captain America’ Movie Set

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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio -- 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' will be full of explosions and high-speed chase scenes, but it was a routine traffic stop that ended in the recovery of a stolen vehicle from the movie set in downtown Cleveland.

Middleburg Heights officers pulled over a man driving a black Chevrolet Malibu on Interstate 71 Thursday night for a license plate violation. When the driver finally pulled over, he handed the officer Washington D.C. license plates and a card with his name on it.

Authorities told the man the license plates were not on file. The suspect admitted he took the car from the 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' set in the area of E. 3rd and Rockwell after he was told he had permission, according to the report.

Middleburg Heights officers contacted Cleveland police, who said the car had been stolen from the set and no one had permission to operate the vehicle.

The suspect was arrested, but has not been charged.

The car and the prop plates have been returned to the movie set.