Bomb Threat Closes Cuyahoga Falls High

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Cuyahoga Falls High School (Photo Credit: Fox 8 News)

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — Cuyahoga Falls High School was closed Friday due to another bomb threat, police confirm to Fox 8 News.

Police said the bomb threat was made by e-mail at around 7 a.m.

The principal notified the superintendent and authorities, then established a call to parents notifying them that school would be closed for the day.

Students who drove to school were told to go home. Those who rode the bus were taken to the evacuation site set up at the Natatorium, where they could be picked up.

Local safety resources, including police and fire, arrived at the high school and searched the premises. The all-clear was given around 11 a.m.

Friday’s closure marks the third time in recent months that the school has closed because of a bomb threat.

Cuyahoga Falls Superintendent Todd Nichols said this particular bomb threat was different from the previous ones. He said the verbiage and the source of the e-mail was different. The threat also said to “expect casualties” and referred to an explosive chemical that was being used.

Nichols said the other threats had more sophisticated sentence structure. They were received late at night, as opposed to Friday morning’s threatening e-mail.

Police are investigating the latest threat. They are still searching for the suspects. Both the Secret Service and the FBI are assisting in the investigation.

Students will return to school on Tuesday. School officials said no days will have to be made up at the end of the year due to the threats.

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