PICS: Fox 8 Staffers in Oklahoma

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MOORE, Okla. — Seeing the devastation in Oklahoma through the TV is shocking enough, but seeing it in person is an entirely different feeling.

Fox 8 anchor/reporter Gabe Spiegel and sports reporter PJ Ziegler are in Oklahoma this week helping our sister station KFOR with their coverage of the massive tornado that hit Monday.

They arrived on the east side of Moore Tuesday afternoon, and started sending images and video of the destruction.

“It’s breathtaking,” said Spiegel. “This entire area has been pulverized.”

**Click on the player below for raw video of the damage**

They said people were embracing each other and crying.

"They're all being very strong and vigilant at this stage, because the National Guard is here, state troopers are here," said Spiegel. "So many folks are here."

Spiegel and Ziegler are helping with KFOR's coverage and getting supplies to the station's crews.

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Stick with Fox 8 and for their pictures and video as they make their way through the destruction.