VIDEO: Teens Headed to Prom Rescue Crash Victims

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DAVIE, Florida — Florida students dressed up in gowns and tuxedos took a major detour on their way to prom Saturday night.

The students were riding in a stretch limo when a minivan crashed right in front of them on the highway. Without hesitating, the students inside sprung into action.

“Our first reaction was just to help them out, just help them out of the vehicle” said student Krista Pulcini.

The minivan was carrying multiple passengers, including a baby. While some students helped get the baby out of the car, others tended to the child’s wounded mother.

“Thankfully I was the only one in the limo with a red dress on, so you couldn’t see it on mine, but I had a couple of splatters on my arm,” said Ashley Wolf.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for the night, after helping, the students loaded back into the limo and headed off to prom.