Castro’s Attorney: ‘I Represent a Human Being’

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CLEVELAND -- Ariel Castro, 52, now has new representation.

Cleveland attorney Craig Weintraub has been practicing law for 26 years. He says every American deserves to have good representation in a court of law.

“People can use whatever phrase they feel comfortable with, but I represent a human being,” said Weintraub, referring to the public’s use of “monster” when describing his client. “My job is to represent him and make sure the integrity of the process is intact.”

Fox 8 asked him -- why did you take this case?

His response:

“Criminal defense lawyers play a vital role in the defense system. Often times, that means representing unpopular people, which is the instance we`re clearly doing. I`m here to ensure he gets a fair trial to the best of our ability.”

Weintraub knows this case has gained international attention and says to get a fair trial, the case may have to be moved outside of Cuyahoga County. He expects the indictment to be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks and when the charges of kidnapping and rape are read in court, he will enter a “not guilty” plea on Castro’s behalf.

He can’t go into specifics of Castro’s relationship with the Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight – that’s all part of his defense. But he did add some perspective into the relationship Castro has with his 6-year-old daughter.

“He loves her. Despite circumstances and how uncomfortable it might be for people to reconcile logically how he could love this child in light of circumstances of how she was born and raised.  In his mind, he loves her,” said Weintraub.

The case has been bound over to a grand jury.

Castro is on suicide watch in a single cell.  He has one window, a steel bed, sink and a mirror.  He’s allowed to shower once a day.

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