High School Athletes Punished Over Photo

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EUCLID, Ohio-- Four Euclid High School baseball players have been disciplined after a disturbing photograph was posted online.


In the picture, an athlete is seen posing with an African-American doll hanging from a noose on a locker.  The photo was uploaded to Instagram last week and soon reported to school officials, including Superintendent Keith Bell, Sr.

“This is a learning environment; kids are gonna make mistakes but this one is something that clearly crossed the line and we wanted to make sure they’re aware of that and the consequences are associated with that and represent that,” said Bell, who confirmed that the students have been punished.

The caption on the photo said, “Pregame ritual. Lynching little black babies.”

“Oh my goodness,” said Euclid resident and Euclid High School graduate Latricia McKinley.  “I’m at a loss for words, like that - I don’t even know what to say. It’s very disturbing.”

Responses posted under the photo included, “Hmmm, I don’t think this a good look for white kids” and “that’s perfection.”  Someone else said, “this is really racist, I [don’t] like it.”

The school superintendent said the district is made up of more than 80% minority students.  “These kinds of things can deter people’s view of what’s occurring; but I just want to ensure people- we’ve got a lot of positive things happening in our district,” said Bell.

“It just makes me wonder, you know, how their upbringing is, their household is,” said McKinley.  “That’s just real disturbing.”

According to school officials, a meeting was also held with the entire varsity baseball team and for now, those reprimanded are not playing.

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