Castro’s Friend: ‘Maybe He Resented Women’

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(CNN) -- A friend of Ariel Castro's spoke on CNN's Piers Morgan Live Saturday, giving some insight into the suspect in the disappearances of three Cleveland women rescued Monday.

Castro faces several charges in the disappearances of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus Seymour Avenueand Michelle Knight, who he is accused of holding captive in his Seymour Avenue home for nearly 10 years. They were rescued Monday.

Tito DeJesus, who is not related to Gina, was in a band with Castro.

He was actually in Castro's home in 2011 to help deliver a washer and dryer he has sold to him. He said he didn't detect anything out of the ordinary and later described the home as “a normal environment.”

Tito said Saturday that when it came to social outings, Castro often wanted to dance with women and was frequently turned down.

"When we used to go performing, he was alone all the time," said Tito. "He wanted to always see if he could go out and dance with women, strangers. So he would go pick somebody and say, 'want to dance?' Many, many times they would say no."

Tito said this would upset Castro, who would insist on dancing with the women.

"He kept going, I want to dance, I want to dance," said Tito. "Mostly every time he would come back very mad, because they didn't want to dance with him. And many times, I would joke around with him and say, 'you shouldn't do that. You're going to embarrass yourself'."

Tito said those situations could have caused Castro to resent women.

"At first I never thought anything of it until I started hearing all the news, stuff about him, and thinking about it now, I'm like it could be maybe he resented these women who they didn't want to dance with him for whatever the reasons were," said Tito. "It worked in my mind, maybe he started hating women. I don't know."