Gina DeJesus Wants Privacy After Rescue

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Gina DeJesus just wants to be left alone.

DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight were all rescued Monday after spending years in captivity. Suspect Ariel Castro has been arrested in the case.

Since DeJesus returned to her family, camera crews from all over the world are still camped out in front of her home. Fox 8 has decided not to be part of that group.

Cleveland Police Commander Keith Sulzer said DeJesus and her family have grown tired of all the media attention.

Gina cannot even go outside without starting a media frenzy – so she doesn’t.

gina dejesus"These girls have been in a house and cooped up for 10 years, and they want to get out. They want to ride a bike, they want to get out and they can't do it because they have so many people around,” Sulzer said.

"She wants to do things that I think all of us take for granted. She wants to go get a nice haircut. She wants to go see a dentist," said Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone.

Zone spent time with Gina and her family Thursday evening.

"I met a crew last night from Korea, China, Univision, Telemundo. So many stations are here, and the international stations, the national stations I think are the ones overstepping their bounds," Zone said.

Fox 8 News stopped doing live reports from in front of the women’s homes Wednesday afternoon and will not be camping out there out of respect.

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