FBI: Women ‘All Smiles’ After Being Rescued

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CLEVELAND-- During the first few hours of their freedom after ten years or more of captivity, few people saw Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight except family members and hospital personnel at MetroHealth Medical Center.

FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson was one of them.

"They were just all smiles. They were so happy. They were hugging their families, and they just couldn't stop grinning," Anderson told FOX 8 on Friday.

But Anderson said, through the smiles, it was also clear this wasn't a typical reunion.

"They were like deer-eyed, doe-eyed, " she said, "And you wonder what was going through their minds. But, you know, we were not going to ask that."

Anderson said certain law enforcement personnel, including a female FBI agent who deals specifically with young victims, asked only enough questions that night to allow authorities to hold the suspect and begin to build a case against them.


That suspect, 52-year-old Ariel Castro, is now in custody on charges of rape and kidnapping.

More charges are expected to follow relating to the almost unbelievable ordeal that the women endured.

Anderson says Berry's six-year-old daughter, born during their captivity, was "a cutie" who seemed, at first blush, like a typical six-year-old.

Amanda's sister told Anderson that "Amanda had been working with her. She's been trying to teach her all she could while they were there in captivity, and you could tell."

While the women had apparently only been out of the house that was their prison twice - and then only to go to the garage - Castro apparently had taken the little girl out on a few occasions.

Anderson said it was an emotional week for law enforcement as well, as many officers and agents had been actively searching for the women for more than a decade.