Doctor Optimistic 3 Women will ‘Live Normal Lives’

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Little did Dr. Phillip Resnick know when he woke up Monday morning that an international story would break later that night in his hometown.

Resnick is a psychiatry professor at the Case Western Reserve Medical Center. He’s consulted on some of the biggest cases in the nation, including those of Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVey, Andrea Yates and Brian Mitchell, the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.

Smart was abducted at age 14 at knife-point. For nine months, she was held captive and raped by street preacher Brian Mitchell. It’s a case Resnick remembers like it was yesterday.

“People often live a double life,” said Resnick.

He’s optimistic that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight will go on to live normal lives.

“I think people have a lot of resilience," he said. "We see that in the Dugard (Jaycee Dugard, kidnapped and held for 18 years in S. Lake Tahoe) and Elizabeth Smart who came out of a long captivity and go on to lead a long productive life. “

Resnick could be called in to consult with the Cleveland case, so he can’t talk specifics about Ariel Castro, but he does see similarities in alleged sexual control.

“It’s a little bit like going to a prostitute," said Resnick. "You have it your way. In this type of situation, you can force upon a prisoner what you want to do.”

As a psychiatrist, he’s fascinated by trying to figure out what drives serial rapists.

“Some perpetrators like this will have a history of abuse of a wife," he said. "Others will have a clean criminal record. There’s no external mark or behavioral trait where an astute person can just pick them out.”

Resnick said one thing is clear: there’s no such thing as a single profile.

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