Residents Rally for Safer Neighborhoods

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CLEVELAND -- FBI evidence teams were back at the scene Wednesday combing through the vacant properties next door to Ariel Castro's 2207 Seymour Avenue residence.

They've already removed more than 200 pieces of evidence including two vehicles, chains and ropes.

Earlier in the day, community members held prayer vigils that appeared to be more of a neighbor rally to celebrate the safe return of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight and Amanda's 6-year-old daughter.


This community has a drug and crime problem and neighbors want it to stop. They feel the safe return is the perfect platform to get to know each other and watch out for everyone.

"These three women survived against all odds," said Vanessa Khenti. "For me, that's domestic violence. As much as they tried to get in their head and beat 'em down, Amanda still said I'll play for you in a minute, but as soon as I can, I'm leaving.  And that's a victory."

"I've been in this community for 42 years. I'm proud of Cleveland, I love Cleveland.  It's the best city in the world to live," added Angel Lozada. "I think more needs to be done in this community."

Praying and singing was a welcome sight along a street with a dark 10 year history.

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