May 8, 2013

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Hollywood and Dine

David sat down with the stars of the new film “The Great Gatsby,” including Carey Mulligan. What would she have on the menu of a Great Gatsby-sized party? Awesome cocktails! David left the pots and pans in the kitchen and grabbed some ice and cocktail glasses.

Check out his easy drink recipes here!


One Tank Trip

Neil took us on a royal visit in Ohio! Did you know you live close to a castle? Neil explores Glamorgan castle in Alliance, Ohio with you…check out our video clip!

The building is open for guided tours every Friday that the business office is open. It is also open in the evenings for group tours of 10 or more.

For more information, please call (330) 821-2100 or visit


Basil Fest

Looking to add some freshness to your summer recipes? Grow your own herbs! Here with all you need to know about basil was Kathleen Gips from The Village Herb Shop. You can learn more at the 19th Annual Herb Fest and Basil Symposium at the Village Herb Shop in Chagrin Falls on May 17th and 18th!

Here’s some of her tips:

  • Basil plants need a soil temperature of 70 degrees to flourish.
  • When preparing your soil for basil plants, add one cup of lime and one cup of bone meal. Mix in well. Continue to add one tablespoon of lime per basil plant each month as they grow. They will be huge!
  • Start basil seeds in expandable peat pots for greater success.
  • Harvest growing tips before a flower forms.
  • You can substitute dried oregano for dried basil in any recipe.


The Kennedy Assassination

Could there have been a conspiracy surrounding the assassination of former President, John. F Kennedy? We welcomed former FBI Agent and Author, Don Adams.

His book, “From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle – One FBI Agent’s View of the J.F.K. Assassination,” is the personal and professional story that connected Don to the assassination of our 35th President. Check out our video clip to hear his compelling evidence!



Just when you think dessert doesn’t get any sweeter – Natalie takes us to Menchie’s for a taste of their brand new treat!