Police: ‘The Real Hero is Amanda’

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CLEVELAND -- Three women, missing for years, found alive.

Now, after the astounding discovery, three men are in police custody. They are brothers. Cleveland police on Tuesday identified them as 52-year-old Ariel Castro, 54-year-old Pedro Castro and 50-year-old Onil Castro.

All three are expected to be charged.

The scream

It started with a scream for help from Ariel Castro's Seymour Avenue: "My name is Amanda Berry; please help me out of this house."

That's where neighbor Charles Ramsey says he found the woman who disappeared 10 years earlier.

But there was more.

Gina DeJesus, who went missing from the same neighborhood a year later, was with her, along with Michelle Knight, who hadn't been seen for many years, as well.

A 911 call from Berry herself confirmed the shocking news.

"Help me, please! I’m Amanda Berry," she told a dispatcher. "I’ve been kidnapped! I’ve been missing for 10 years and I’m here and I’m free now."

The escape

With the help of Ramsey, Berry broke out of the home through the bottom of the front door. It took officers about two minutes to get to the scene, Cleveland Safety Director Marty Flask said Tuesday.

DeJesus and Knight emerged minutes later when officers arrived at the home. Also found, a 6-year-old girl whom police believe to be Berry' daughter.

"The real hero is Amanda," said Cleveland Police Chief Deputy Tomba.

PICTURES: Missing Women Found Alive

All three women may have been held in the Seymour Avenue home the whole time they were gone, investigators told Fox 8 News.

The horror

Disturbing details of what may have happened in the home started to emerge on Tuesday. Several police sources told Fox 8 I-Team reporter Peggy Sinkovich that the captive women may have been pregnant "multiple times."

Cleveland police believe a 6-year-old child found in the home is the daughter of Amanda Berry; however, it is unclear if more than one child had been born.

There was evidence of physical abuse, as well. Michelle Knight allegedly shared with police that she was hit in the head and may have suffered hearing loss, a law enforcement source told Sinkovich.

The aftermath

Berry, DeJesus and Knight were at MetroHealth Medical Center until early Tuesday morning. All three were in fair condition until they were released, a hospital spokesperson told Fox 8 News.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said although the city is thrilled with the discovery of the women, there is still a lot of healing to do.

"This is an open investigation. We’re thankful that Miss Berry, DeJesus and Knight have been found alive. We’ve offered our support to their families. It’s a traumatic experience for them."

For the cases involving Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight specifically, please call the Cleveland Office of the FBI at (216) 522-1400.

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Jessica Dabrowski May 7, 20133:04 pm

Fox 8 News has spoken with the family of Michelle Knight.

Click here for the story: http://on.fox8.com/6rTyKBP

Jessica Dabrowski May 7, 20132:20 pm

These women understand the life of a prisoner.

Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart’s father have a supportive message in light of the escape of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.


Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 201312:25 pm

A world-famous psychic is under fire from critics for telling Amanda Berry’s mother back in 2004 that her daughter was dead.

READ MORE: https://fox8.com/2013/05/07/psychic-under-fire-over-amanda-berry-prediction/

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 201312:09 pm

Look at the red oval in this picture. It shows the damage to the front door where Amanda Berry escaped from a Seymour Avenue home.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 201310:47 am

This is Ariel Castro, the man whom police believe held three women captive for over 10 years.

Jessica Dabrowski May 7, 201310:46 am

The aunt of Gina DeJesus speaks live on Fox 8 News with an update on her niece and the other survivors.


Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:40 am

New conference concludes.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:38 am

Tomba: I’m a lifelong city resident myself, and it just reiterates that this is a partnership between law enforcement and the community. We will see if there is something we missed. (Tomba on finding the girls after 10 years.)

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:36 am

Tomba: Michelle and Gina came out of the house once police arrived.

Jessica Dabrowski May 7, 20139:35 am

Tomba: Very few tips over the years in Michelle Knight disappearance.

Jessica Dabrowski May 7, 20139:35 am

Tomba: We assumed Ariel lived at the residence. The other brothers had addresses on the lower west side.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:32 am

Tomba: We’re going to charge the three suspects.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:32 am

Tomba: “Amanda is the one who started it all.”

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:30 am

Tomba: We believe we have the three suspects responsible for the kidnappings.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:30 am

Tomba: From what I saw, they seem to be in fairly good health (on the girls’ conditions).

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:28 am

Tomba: Amanda broke out of the bottom of the door to get out of the house.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:28 am

Tomba: You can only imagine the scene last night at the hospital. It was chaotic.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:26 am

Tomba: Child found in house is believed to be Amanda Berry’s daughter.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:25 am

Tomba: Aside from 2000, 2004 complaints, brothers don’t have criminal history.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:24 am

Deputy Chief Edward Tomba: The real hero is Amanda.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:20 am

Agent Anthony: This is an ongoing investigation. Much of the effort will be focused on the girls. How can we help the healing process? We’re providing women and their families comfort, advice, etc.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:19 am

Agent Anthony: While we celebrate today, we continue to work with our law enforcement partners to answer every question in this investigation.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:17 am

Special FBI Agent Stephen Anthony: The healing can begin.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:16 am

Chief McGrath: Ariel Castro, 52, Pedro Castro, 54, O’Neal Castro, 50, have been arrested.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:15 am

Chief McGrath: We remained committed to this case over the years. We’ve continued to investigate any and all leads over the years.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:14 am

Chief McGrath: “To find these girls recovered well, it just gives us a boost.”

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:14 am

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath: Last night the City of Cleveland received tremendous news.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:13 am

No complaints made against that address. Ariel Castro reported a fight in 2000. In January in 2004, Cleveland police responded to a Children and Family Services call. They never made contact with Castro. The complaint was about Castro leaving a student on a school bus while on the job. No criminal charges were filed.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:11 am

A 6-year-old child belonging to one of the missing women also recovered from the home.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:11 am

Two 911 calls last night. A police car arrived at the scene within 2 minutes.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:10 am

Jackson: This is an open investigation. We’re thankful that Miss Berry, DeJesus and Knight have been found alive. We’ve offered our support to their families. It’s a traumatic experience for them.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:09 am

Jackson: Emergency services have not responded to that address. Cleveland police responded twice in 2000, 2004.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:09 am

Jackson: We’ve been searching our public safety records regarding Seymour Avenue home.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:08 am

Jackson: How did they go undetected in the city?

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:08 am

Mayor Frank Jackson: We’re happy that they have returned to us. The absence has plagued the community for years. We have several unanswered questions.

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20139:07 am

New conference begins.

Jessica Dabrowski May 7, 20138:56 am

FBI updates missing profiles of Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus to “recovered.”

Lindsay Buckingham May 7, 20138:11 am

BREAKING: Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight have been released from the hospital: https://fox8.com/2013/05/07/missing-women-released-from-hospital/