Haslam Company Restraining Order Denied

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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee--  A motion to get a restraining order filed against Jimmy Haslam and his company, Pilot Flying J, was denied in Knoxville Monday morning.

Knox County Tennessee Circuit Judge Harold Wimberly made his decision moments after the conclusion of the hearing.  The judge said there was " insufficient evidence to support a restraining order or injunction on this case."

The attorneys for the trucking company tried to convince the judge that Haslam should not be reaching out to the customers to make settlements.

"If this conduct is allowed to go on, it is very difficult to say how many other witnesses will be influenced to some degree," said Atty. Bart Turner.

Tom Ingram, a spokesman for Pilot Flying J, said he did not know how many companies that they have made payments to so far.

"The rebate process is a very complicated process in some ways," Ingram said, following the court proceeding. "We are not saying at this point, not judging innocence or guilt, simply saying if there was an under payment and we find it, we will correct it."

The FBI and IRS raided Pilot headquarters two weeks ago as part of an investigation into allegations of fuel rebate fraud.

No criminal charges have been filed.

Haslam was not at Monday's hearing.