Call for Action: Off Season Vacation Secrets

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Every day is Saturday for Ruth and Ed Lyczko now that they're both retired. The Cleveland couple has grown accustomed to spending half of what it costs the average traveler to see the world because when they book a trip--they book according to the Off Season Calendar.

"We actually hit a lot of nice weather," said Ed, “Off season are the best deals.”

His wife agrees, telling Call For Action Reporter Lorrie Taylor, “We can get pricing maybe 50% less than we could otherwise."

Ruth said the trick to having the most fun in the sun is to travel within the first two weeks of off-season.

There are plenty of destinations to choose from, according to Travel Specialist Angie McClure from Canary Travel in Cleveland. She says no matter what the month, it's off season somewhere in the world.

"We have deals throughout the entire year,” she told Taylor.

McClure said think Vegas if it’s January. She said three nights plus air can be had for about $350.

Free show tickets, food, drink credits, and discounted rooms are additional perks travelers can also snag.

February is the perfect time to visit Mexico or the Caribbean, "Right before spring break, it's cold here" said McClure.

A seven night stay at an all-inclusive five star Mexican resort can be found for less than $150 a night.

McClure told Taylor the perfect time to see Europe is in March.  Temperatures feel more like April in the States and the mark downs can add up to $1,000 per person.

Speaking of April, that’s when travelers will find 80 degree temperatures at bargain prices in Costa Rica, where the volcano is stirring and the rain forest is lush.

"You get the true authentic experience there," said McClure.

If Disney is on your bucket list, try to book it in May when the kids are in school.  McClure said that’s when vacationers are more likely to find discounted rooms, deals on theme park passes and FREE meal plans.

"The meal plan alone is over $800," she said.

Bargain cruises set sail from Alaska in June. McClure said if jacket weather is acceptable, travelers can save about $500 on a seven night trip.  They’ll also save at least that much at a five star Caribbean resort during June, July and August but keep an eye on the forecast because it’s considered hurricane season.

If it’s August and September than it’s off-season in Hawaii.

"Is there a downside to going to Hawaii in August and September?" asked Taylor, "I haven't seen one yet,” McClure laughed.

October is off-season anywhere in Florida.  The deals return to Disney and hotel rooms across the state are discounted to attract those without children in school.  But the real money saver arrives in November.  McClure told Taylor cruise lines are repositioning their ships from cooler climates to warmer waters and the deals are show stoppers. 13 days from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale is often priced at $699 and that includes a few ports in between.

McClure told Taylor, Vegas is the deal to beat in December; it’s when a lot of people stay home to spend time with family; advice Ruth and Ed Lyczko whole-heartedly endorse.

"It's a lot less crowded, you can sit in restaurants, you can talk to people, it's a lot of fun," said Ruth.