Quarter of a Million Bees Shipped to Medina County

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SPENCER, Ohio -- There is buzz around a farm in Medina County.

"This evening, we had a semi loaded with 22 pallets of bees. Each pallet has 75 cages on it. Each cage having three pounds of bees, upwards of having 3,500 bees. So, a total of 6,900 pounds of bees," said Sheila St. Clair, owner of Queen Right Colonies in Spencer.

That's about a quarter million bees.

Bee enthusiasts from all over Ohio and the surrounding states waited in line to get their hands on the shipment.

"You get addicted to it like any other hobby. I've got about 2,200 hundred hives now. I started with two," said customer Mike Pittman.

The bees were shipped in from California in the best of conditions.

"It's a temperature sensitive climate controlled semi-truck," said St. Clair.

A lot of care goes into keeping Ohio pollinated.

"Out of every bite you take on your plate, one out of three bites you take is because honey bees pollinated it," said customer Stephen Hollen.

"This group of people spent upwards of $300,000 out of their own pockets to pollinate the backyards of Cleveland, Medina, all surrounding," said St. Clair.

This event only happens once a year.

The farm has broken records sales of honey bees this year.