Police: Woman Calls 911 Over Stolen Cookies

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(Photo Credit: WikiCommons/MGN Online)

PORT CLINTON, Ohio — A woman is facing criminal charges after police say she summoned an officer to her home over rearranged cookies.

According to a Port Clinton police report, 64-year-old Elaine Caris called 911 earlier this month and complained that someone broke into her apartment and stole some of her cookies.

She also added to the dispatcher that there was “no rush, and she wasn’t in any trouble,” the report stated.

When an officer responded to her home, Caris pointed to a package of cookies, saying that someone had “moved the cookies around.”

The officer warned her that if she didn’t stop calling 911 for non-emergencies, she’d be cited. At that point, according to police, Caris flew into a rage and “swatted” at the officer.

She then reportedly hit her emergency alarm and told the dispatcher from the alarm company that she had someone in the apartment that she didn’t want there.

Caris is now charged with misusing 911. She’ll appear in court next month.