Police Investigating Email Threat

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SANDUSKY, Ohio -- A simple email delivered a terrifying threat to a 69-year-old Sandusky woman.

The email appeared to be from a man and warned her in the heading, “Your life in danger ... reply now. I am hired to shoot you.”

The victim, whose identity we are protecting, called police immediately, and she waited to open the email until officers arrived.

Inside the email, the message was even more menacing.

It advised her that he was paid to kill her and that he would carry it out unless she paid him an “undisclosed” amount of money.

According to the police report, there was a name on the email.

Investigators are trying to determine if it’s a real name and if the threat is legitimate or if it’s a scam artist looking for money; but either way, people in Sandusky find it all very unsettling.

“That would scare you to pieces,” said a woman who only wanted to be known as “Randy.”

Her friend “Ann” said, “It’s really scary. If you live alone it messes with your mind.”

At this point, the offense is being called "telecommunications harassment" by police, but that could change depending on what investigators learn about the suspect and their real intentions.