Murder Victims’ Families Plead for Tips

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AKRON, Ohio - One week after four people were discovered murdered at a local townhouse, community police are still at a loss for a motive or a suspect.

Kem Delaney, 23, his friend Ronald Roberts, 24, Maria Nash, 19, and Kiana Welsh, 19, were all shot to death in the basement of an apartment at Kimlyn Circle, not far from the Chapel Hill Mall.

Relatives of Delaney were preparing to lay him to rest on Thursday, knowing someone has the answers that will help police identify the killers.

"Of course they do and if you scared just pray about it, God will lead you," said Delaney's mother, Hazel Jones, adding "these people need to be caught, that's all I am praying for, that these people need to be caught."

Delaney went to the townhouse with his friend Ronald Roberts, who Jones describes as a brother to her son.

Jones said she never sensed any trouble there.

She wonders how the people responsible for the grizzly crime can sleep at night.

"How can they sleep? Can you sleep after you seen these four people that they done did like this? How can your conscience live with yourselves after this?" Jones asked.

Delaney's sister, Daniqua McGhee, is also desperate for answers that will help solve the gut-wrenching crime.

"If anybody know anything, please say something. He was an innocent person, he didn't bother nobody, please tell me any tips," said McGhee.

"Nobody should have to go through this. I don't wish this on my worst enemy," added McGhee.

Police on Thursday were also trying to identify a man seen in surveillance video at a local Subway restaurant.

The man is not a suspect in the case. He apparently found a cell phone that belonged to one of the victims and turned it in at the restaurant as a goodwill gesture. Investigators would like to talk with him to learn more about the phone.

Preparing for his funeral on Friday, Delaney's relatives say their hearts go out to the families of the other victims as well.

"Everybody lost somebody, a friend, a brother a sister, somebody lost their kids and my heart goes out to their family too," said McGhee.

"I see all this violence on TV, when it hits home, it's hard," said Delaney's uncle, Damion Jones, concluding "when it hits home, it's harder than you can imagine."

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