Holistic Healing For Your Pet

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NORTH CANTON, Ohio-- From meditation to massage, a growing number of Americans are trying a variety of holistic healing methods.

And now alternative treatments like homeopathy and acupuncture are being prescribed to people's 4-legged friends, as well, and with incredible results.

“I see miracles every day,” said Dr. Pamela Fisher, DVM.

Dr. Fisher worked as a traditional veterinarian for 15 years and now has a holistic practice, located at 7211 Wales Ave NW in North Canton.

She performs a number of treatments on animals including Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) which is a light touch manual technique, which enhances the body’s natural healing processes.

She is also skilled in Reiki, massage and acupressure. “It is ancient science, the Chinese with the meridians, and Chi the energy of the body,” said Dr. Fisher, “They were more in tune to their bodies and how they function than we are today.”

The treatments may sound unusual but her patients and their owners call it miraculous.

Two years ago, Christine Staller’s Doberman named Bishop was diagnosed with a cancerous baseball sized tumor on his right hindquarter, caused by Periosteal Myxofibrosarcoma. “I was told that I should keep him on drugs, keep him quiet, keep him happy cause that’s all he was going to have was 6-8 months,” said Staller.

That answer was unacceptable, so she took the medical records to four different vets, but they all gave her the same grim report.

Still not ready to give up on Bishop, Christine started researching alternative treatments and found Dr. Pamela Fisher.

“When she started telling me to use light therapy and essence sprays on his back that that would take his pain away – I went yea right,” said Christine.

She admits she was skeptical but Dr. Fisher knew she could help.

Dr. Fisher says her methods allow the animal's body to heal itself.

First she changed his diet. Bishop was only fed raw, real food. Christine mixes something called “SoJos,” which has real fruits and veggies with raw meat.

“When you think what an animal would eat in the wild, the meat the bones, organs is the best appropriate diet,” said Dr. Fisher, “It’s about balancing the body.”

Dr. Fisher also prescribed all natural supplements and employed color and light therapies, which she says allows the body to relax so that the blood and lymphatic system can flow properly.

Topical essence sprays, which help calm the animal and also relieve pain, replaced all of the medications.

“After we tried it a few times I could see how much he relaxed and stopped shaking from the pain and I knew that it worked and we became true believers,” said Christine.

In March, the American Veterinary Medical Association debated taking a position on holistic medicine, but decided against it.

Dr. Fisher is grateful and has even garnered support from some conventional veterinarians.

“A few things I’ve heard is I don’t know what she’s doing but keep doing it,” Dr. Fisher said with a smile.

She says alternative care isn’t magic – just being in balance with mother nature- which creates miraculous results.

Like Bishop who just celebrated his 9th birthday, two years after he was supposed to die.

His tumor has disappeared and all that remains is a small bald spot.

His playful personality has also returned.

“He’s lively, loveable and energetic,” said Christine.

She was so moved by the experience, Christine opened a healthy pet store in Lorain called All Natural K-9 Korner, 5382 Oberlin Ave #4, Lorain, OH 44053.

Saturday, May 4, they are holding an open house and party to celebrate Bishop's amazing recovery.  The party runs from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. They will be answering questions and sharing samples and knowledge about the healthy options and treatments now available to pets.

Christine says they are not in this business to make money. For her, it’s about sharing the knowledge that saved her baby boy.

“I wish I had known this stuff five years ago; then I could’ve kept him healthier and that’s what it’s all about: letting people know they can be healthy and how simple it is,” said Christine.

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