Haslam Investigation: Motion for Restraining Order Filed

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Jimmy Haslam, stay away: That’s the request that was made Thursday afternoon in a motion for a restraining order.

The attorneys for Atlantic Coast Carriers, one of Haslam’s customers at Pilot Flying J, filed the motion in Circuit Court of Knox County in Tennessee.

The six-page motion alleges Haslam is contacting clients, obtaining releases and settling claims before the clients may even know the full extent of their claims.  The motion further states Haslam’s conduct may constitute an improper attempt to coerce parties and witnesses.

The motion alleges that one customer “who has received a payment of an undisclosed amount from defendant has changed from being an outspoken critic of defendants’ owner a week ago to an advocate.”

Haslam’s attorney, Aubrey Harwell Jr., says the allegations in the restraining order are ridiculous.

The Browns owner has had several press conferences since the FBI investigation was brought to light and said earlier this week he had contacted clients and planned to continue to do so.

A spokeswoman for Pilot Flying J issued this statement: “Counsel for Pilot Flying J considers these allegations outrageous when the company is trying to do the right thing and correct any wrongs that may have occurred. To even suggest that it’s inappropriate is ludicrous.”

The motions are now in front of Judge Harold Wimberly and it is possible he could make a ruling on the request as soon as next week.

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